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Arkanoid Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Select video mode
Title screen (1987 Imagine version)
High score screen (1987 Imagine version)
Select input device
Gameplay (1987 Imagine version)
Fun Time Arcade Logo (EGA)
Fun Time Arcade with Taito Logo (EGA)
Scoreboard (EGA)
The opening story (EGA)
Introduction before start the game (2) (EGA)
Let the games begin (EGA)
A typical game shot (EGA)
Level 2 begins (EGA)
The tricky third level (EGA)
Round 1 (Demo mode)
Fun Time Arcade Logo (CGA)
Fun Time Arcade with Taito Logo (CGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Round 2 (Demo mode)
The opening story (CGA)
Round 3 (Demo mode)
Gameplay on the first level (CGA)
Round 4 (Demo mode)
Gameplay on the second level (CGA)
Round 1 (Demo mode / CGA)
Round 5 (Demo mode)
Round 10 (Demo mode)
Round 20 (Demo mode)
Round 30 (Demo mode)
Title screen (Tandy)
Original Arkanoid file and Keydisk check fail
Catch the "S" capsule to slow down the ball (EGA)
Round 7 is comparatively easy after some of the previous rounds (EGA)
Round 8 requires some tricky bouncing to get the ball into the center where the destroyable bricks are (EGA)
Not too hard...if you can bounce the ball up that narrow passage (EGA)
This level is tough because the silver bricks take multiple hits to destroy and don't release any capsules (EGA)
I have the lasers, now I can shoot some bricks! (EGA)
The large paddle makes it easier to hit the ball (EGA)
Three balls in play destroy this umbrella shaped round (EGA)
The yellow/gold bricks can't be destroyed (EGA)