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Armada 2525 Credits (DOS)

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Armada 2525 Credits


Game AuthorRobert T. Smith
Game DevelopmentRobert T. Smith
IBM versionRobert T. Smith
GraphicsRobert T. Smith, Michael S. Seek
MusicMark Lecuru
Sound EffectsSound Images UK
ProducerVan Collins
Project ManagerMike Sievers
Game DocumentationRobert T. Smith, Mike Sievers
TypesettingJynn Holton
PrintingWetmore and Company
Package Cover ArtDoug McCloud
Package LayoutsJynn Holton
Package ManufactureWetmore and Company
Playtesters ‑ IBM VersionTed Dyson, Russell Ehrenworth, George Mello, Daniel Henderson, Larry Renaud, Ben Krauskopf, Robert Rhodes, Brian Serviss, Alan Sikora, David Winfrey
I would like to thankGregor Potheringham (for his help with the game; his deviousness in devising new strategies; and the many hours he has spent playing it with me - Without his enthusiasm this game would never have been written)

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