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Armored Fist 2 Credits (DOS)

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Armored Fist 2 Credits


Programmed byKent Simon
Executive ProducerJohn A. Garcia
Designed byKent Simon
Programming SupportRandy Casey, Kyle Freeman, David King, Jim Ratcliff, David Woldrich, Mark J. Davis
Project ManagementDavid Seeholzer
Technical ManagementJohn Butrovich
Associate ProducerWes Eckhart
Mission DesignKeith Butler, Ken Hullett, Mat Jennings, Nigel Mills, Alicia Taylor
Art DirectorKeith Rust
ArtDaniel Cabuco, Jhoneil Centeno, Dean Fowler, Lawrence Kevin, Craig Marschke, Rod Parong, Pascal Sahuc, Jon Tando, Darren Thorne, Jason Tull
Additional ArtMichael S. Maza, Keith Rust
Digital Video ProcessingDaryl Kimoto
ManualDennis A. Kilgore
Manual Layout and DesignMichael S. Maza, Carl Lozada, Brett Wooldridge
Audio DirectorTom Hays
Digital Sound ProcessingScott M. Gilman
Dialog EditingMichael Stevens, David Freel, David Javelosa, Jeanne Parson
Music Composed byJames Donnellan
MIDI Editing & ConversionDavid Javelosa
VoicesRory J. Aylward, Leonard A. Boss, Joseph S. Cuttitta Jr., Oscar L. Galvan, Michael Hanley, Aric Von Henschen, Tim Knight, Edward A. Mackay, Michael S. Maza, Dave Mazi Jr., Chris Myers, Rae Southworth, Jamie Tardif, Armand D. Watson
Technical ConsultingRory J. Aylward, Chuck Burnett, Jason R. Couch, Aric Von Henschen, Marlyn Pierce, Gregory Smith, Nancy LaLuntas, Tim Dougherty, Phillip Thompson, Christopher Young
QA ManagerTim Knight
Lead QATony Kotelenets
Quality AssuranceFred Beers, Daniel Constant, Carlos Estiandan, John Graham, Steve McNally, Dan Roy, Chris Scaglione, Kevin White
Technical Support ManagerRob Ulaner
Computer MaintenanceGlenn Kronick
Special ThanksSgt. Hatcher, Jon Hausam, Kristina Junger, Eric Heffron, James Lamorticelli, Chris Lauw, Jacqueline E. Lay, Lee Milligan, Lisa Nielsen, David Pollack, Douglas Rothman, Ron De Los Santos, Irving A. Simon, Rozita Tolouey, Karly Young
General MIDI timbres for Yamaha OPL-2 and OPL-3 based sound cards were produced byGeorge Alistair Sanger
General MIDI timbres for Yamaha OPL-2 and OPL-3 based sound cards were developed byK. Weston Phelan, George Alistair Sanger

Live Action Training Mission Briefings

ProducerRuben Preuss
DirectorJonathan Betuel
Director of PhotographyMackenzie Waggaman
Assisant DirectorRichard Abramitis
Dialogue byWes Eckhart
CastEd Lauter
ExtrasUS Marines from the Twenty-Nine Palms United States Marine Corps Base

Italian Localization

TranslationGian Maria Battistini
Lead TesterGian Maria Battistini
TesterGiulio Marchionni

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Credits for this game were contributed by Gian Maria Battistini (34), David Seeholzer (59) and formercontrib (159199)