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Armored Moon includes ten missions, which isn't much by today's gaming standards, and the game probably won't be in contention for Game of the Year—it lacks the glitz and longevity of some of its more expensive real-time brethren. But for half the price of those titles, this software packs quite a gaming wallop.
have a friend with a low-end machine who’s basically stuck playing Warcraft 2 expansions because nothing else will run on his machine. I won’t even give him my copy of this game to try. I have no problem with a company coming out with a game that offers less sophisticated technology and allows people with slower machines to enjoy it. However, I don’t see how anyone could enjoy this game. I wouldn’t have liked this game five years ago, much less after so much other good stuff has come out. The biggest problem with Armored Moon is that it offers absolutely nothing to entice someone to buy it, or to keep someone who’s bought it to continue playing. It offers a $10 rebate with any purchase, and given that it will move to the bargain bins at roughly the speed of light, maybe you can buy a copy real cheap, send in the rebate, and make five bucks. Just don’t bother trying to play it.
GameSpot (Mar 11, 1998)
Armored Moon is an insipid game with no redeeming value. First, it's short. The entire game can be finished in a few hours if you're into masochism. Second, while this game could have found a niche in users with older computer systems hungering for some fresh RTS action, its gameplay and graphics are so bad it's better to replay Warcraft. Save your money and go see a film. It'll take the same amount of time and you'll still have 20 dollars left.
Yes, Armored Moon truly breaks new ground in the area of soulless real-time strategy cash-ins; it’s a game that is as bland and lifeless as a monochrome screen saver and only half as fun. Shame on you, Microforum.

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