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Arnie Savage: Combat Commando Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title & Mission selection screen. You may take the missions in any order.
Mission description: the chemical plant.
In the chemical plant mission, you have to blow up at least 15 pipeline valves.
Heavy opposition at the factory building.
Since stationary enemies won't turn around, it's easy to get them from behind. Death animations are rather gory.
Use grenades to blow up MG nests.
Mission description: the airbase.
An airbase has been invaded - it's up to you to drive the unwanted guests out.
A helicopter took off to fly an attack run.
Tanks are pathetic enemies - as long as you don't step into their line of fire.
Mission description: the naval base.
The naval base: new graphics, same objective. Kill all that moves!
Enemy snipers hide in lifeboats and air vents.
Uh-oh. If there are so many soldiers on your heels, you're as good as dead.
Mission description: the jungle camp.
Rescue as many prisoners (tied to the poles) as possible.
Guards in watchtowers throw grenades at you.
Watch your step in the minefield!
An MG truck blocks the path. It's grenade time!
Uhm... the bad ending.
Go to the bridge
Destroy the mortal
Single enemy is easy to kill
Enemy appears from the hole
"Stationary" enemies almost always can shoot only in one direction
Easy target!