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Arrakis Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu of Arrakis.
The first mission's briefing.
The Atreides are busy harvesting the spice.
Harkonnen troops attack the harvester.
Atreides infantry being trained in the barracks.
Just like in Dune II, harvesters can be ordered to crush enemy infantry.
The Harkonnens have breached the perimeter!
An Atreides contingent runs into heavy resistance on the way to the enemy base.
The Harkonnen base is about to be destroyed.
Like in Dune II and Command & Conquer, you need to build a radar facility to activate the minimap.
Game settings menu.
You can either play a skirmish game on a predefined map, or use the random map generation option.
Skirmish mission briefing.
The skirmish AI is pretty powerful and doesn't hesitate to throw tanks at the player as soon as possible.
The player's harvesters are priority targets for the AI, and without walls or stationary defences it is rather hard to stop the enemy from hunting them.
Ordos tanks rampaging in a defenceless Harkonnen installation.
An early Harkonnen mission versus the Ordos.
Mission accomplished!
Just like in Command & Conquer, unit groups can be assigned to number keys to be quickly selected at any time.
The Ordos "cheap and fast" bonus allows them to quickly amass large numbers of units and perform a Trike rush.
Infantry is quite effective as the front line of defence...
...Not so much on the offensive side however.
As in all Westwood Studios' strategy games, destroying the enemy construction yard is critical to success.
Once the enemy construction yard is down, the rest of the base may be easily mopped up.
A Trike rush to take care of the rest of the Ordos base.