Written by  :  Neville (2987)
Written on  :  Mar 16, 2015
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars
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One of a kind

The Good

- It's originality

- Incredible depth and attention to detail

- Realism

The Bad

- Definitely not for beginners or the impatient

- Due to the nature of the game and its age, graphics and sound are quite spartan.

The Bottom Line

"B-17 Flying Fortress" was one of my first buys as a PC owner, back in the early 90s. To understand that, let me tell you that I knew of flight simulators through my previous experiences with lesser machines and the detailed reviews one could find in the computer magazines of the era. In a few words, I was fascinated with the genre and couldn't wait to put my hands on a proper flight sim and the machine capable of running it.

"Flying Fortress" became both a discovery and a (minor) letdown. Rather than starting my flight career with an action-packed, undemanding and exciting game, I had stumbled into a very different animal.

Because, see, "Flying Fortress" is not about free flight, or flight at all. It's more about management. The B-17 has ten crew members, and during each mission you need to supervise each of them.

Challenging? Naturally. But don't worry. Each position can be accessed at any time, and while you're worried in another matters, you can rely on the crew member to automatically do its job. Except when it comes to key situations, such as bombing, landing and so on, which you'll need to carry out manually.

So, in each mission you can rely on the pilots to take off and join the formation, unless you want to step in, of course. Then you can safely skip time until the real challenges appear: enemy flak, enemy fighters, mounting damages to the plane, injured crew members, bombing your objective and land your airplane in one piece.

By then "Flying Fortress" will be finally firing in all cylinders, and, as hours of gameplay pass by, you'll start to wonder how you could live without experiencing it. Guaranteed.