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Atari Asteroids

B-17 Flying Fortress Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Microprose Presents...
B-17 Flying Fortress.
'Arizona Sapphire's' Bold crew photo. The game tries to by stylistic and period-oriented.
Credits Screen
Customize your B-17's with personalized names, logos, and crews.
One of the crew. The game keeps careful track of each member, from skills to health to morale. It's up to you to keep them running a tight ship.
Briefings. The briefings not only include your basic 'go here, do this' page, but also black and white intelligence fly-bys, which are nice touch.
Your cockpit. Not only does B-17 challenge you to fly and gun effectively, but you will also find yourself moving crew around to perform functions when others are injured.
The mid-gunnery positions. Every position on a B-17 is available for you to control.
The Ball Turret. You really begin to understand the kind of bravery it took to lock yourself up in a ball dangling just off the ground under these bombers.
Your formation. Though not as important in the game as in reality, sticking with your formation provides extra firepower to protect you.
Your section leader's been hit. Bullets score damage to parts, and bombers will leak oil, smoke, and fire.
Splash one Fw-190. You'll begin to wonder why you never get fighter escort.
A fairly historically accurate Norden bombsight aids in delivering your 'packages'.
The Purple Heart will probably be your most common award, as you and your crew fall under constant gunfire.
A common ending to a mission, especially if your crew is inexperienced. Fortunately, ditching in the Channel is better than being caught over France.
Getting ready to take off.
Instrument panel.
External view of plane.
Coming in for a landing.
Made it home safely.
Getting chewed out for failing a mission.
Mission Debriefing.
Mission details.
Recon film.
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