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Military Simulations Inc.

President ‑ CEORobert Carter
Director - Program Manager - Conceptual DesignGeorge Keverian
Vice President OperationsGary Moffet
Art Director - Printed MaterialsMelissa Carter
Graphics - Animation - VideoDarren Metcalfe
Head Beta TesterBuzz Hoffman
Graphic DesignAnne Tiller
Manual Writer ‑ DesignerIan Steer
Technical AdviserJohan Litleskare

FAAC Incorporated

APG-68 RADAR Design and Reference DataGene Jordan
Mission DevelopmentAl Jordan
Ground Threat Models and Weapon FlyoutsKevin Cooper
Aircraft Flight ModelsMark Drajeske
Systems IntegrationKurt Flosky
Operator InterfaceJohn Dibbs
F‑16 AvionicsJohn Eisenhardt

Orinoco Sound Source

Sound Effects EngineerRay Shulman, Marvin Black
ProducerTom Astor

Criterion Software

UnknownAdam Billyard, Callan McInally, Jonathan Small

Digital Workshop Limited

DirectorMark Hurry
Team LeaderBrian Rogers
ProgrammingMark Hurry, Brian Rogers, Tajinder Sagoo, Owen Cunningham
3D ModelingGideon Corby, Charlotte Driver
GraphicsMark Hurry
Sound Driver and Video CODECKarl Morton
GUI ProgrammingGordon Selley
Initial GUI DesignMark Wilkinson


Music Composed bySandy Dillon
Vocals and PianoSandy Dillon
Bass GuitarSteve Bywater
GuitarRay Majors
DrumsLuke Buller
Sound EngineerGeorge Hadjineophytou

SPOT Image

Vice PresidentDan Carayiannis
UnknownSuzy Byrns, Randy Swan
Satellite ImagerySPOT Image Corporation

MultiGen Inc.

UnknownNorm Miller, Steve Peart, Dennis Yeo, Rick Bess


Special Thanks ToU.S. Secretary of Defense Office of Public Affairs, U.S. Navy Department of Public Affairs, U.S. Navy Still Media Records Center, U.S. D.O.D. Media Center, U.S. Air Force Public Affairs Office

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Credits for this game were contributed by deepcut (1865)