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Back to the Future Part II Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
Mission intro.
Level 1: Hoverboard chase. Dodge obstacles, hit robots and nasties. This stage has several sections, some scrolling isometrically...
...and others horizontally.
Marty can cling to passing cars to gain speed, as seen in the movie.
Marty must keep moving while on the lake, or he will sink!
The first stage ends with the gang crashing into the town hall.
Level 2: Rescue Jennifer by opening and closing the doors.
Level 3: Side-scrolling beat-em-up sequence in a hostile 1985.
Jump over obstacles and motocyclists.
Giving Biff what he deserves.
Level 4: Sliding block puzzle. Yawn.
Level 5: Yet another hoverboard sequence, this time in the past.
The fifth stage ends with Marty fleeing on the DeLorean.
"Buy our next game!"
Level 3 - Near Lyon Estates.
Level 3 - The alternate 1985 is a pretty scary place.
Level 3 - Burning wreckage.
Level 3 - Barbed wire fence.
Level 3 - A building.
Level 3 - Near Biff's place.
Level 3 - Completed level and flying out with Doc in the DeLorean.
Level 5 - Hill Valley High.
Level 5 - Tunnel.