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Written by  :  Condemned (76)
Written on  :  Dec 14, 2009
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars

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Amusing time-killer

The Good

I remember playing this game as a young kid, but only when my parents were out of the house! "Bar Games" is somewhat of an adult-themed accumulation of 5 mini-games.

The games that I found the most fun were "Last Call", "Air Hockey", and "Wet N Wild". These are all mainly games of timing, as you have to hit the key at the right time to achieve the desired goal.

For "Last Call", you're a bartender shooting suds down a very long, 3-tiered bar. Customers appear at random along the extensive bar, and wave their hands when they want a brew. You have to fill a glass, and then gauge how hard to shoot the mug - but too much power will overshoot the patron and spill the beer, too little power will cause the glass to fall off the bar before it reaches your customer! After enough time passes without them receiving a drink, they leave angry. A fun little game, with the difficulty amping up as quotas at lower difficulty are reached.

"Air Hockey" is just as it sounds, a simulation of a good ol' fashioned arcade staple. This game is fun, but monotonous... as you face tougher and tougher opponents, you can get bogged down in a stalemate - the CPU plays well at higher levels, and you start wishing you could save, quit, and resume your progress later (you can't).

Lastly, "Wet N Wild" is a simulation of a wet t-shirt contest! Your character is a little guy running back and forth on a catwalk perched above the stage, with buckets of water mounted all along it. A female (or male, your choice!) contestant walks back and forth, and you have to soak their shirt a certain amount to advance - all about timing. At the start, the contestants walk easy to judge paths along the stage, but as you advance, each contestant begins walking irregular paths and you have more misses than hits. The perceived perk here is getting to see a close-up of your contestant's face/torso as it gets drenched, animated nipples poking out. Titillating? Maybe in 1989, not really now. Still fun though!

The Bad

Very limited to 5 mini-games, you would think they could've fit more in here...

As stated, "Air Hockey" gets quite monotonous, as the computer becomes more equal to you... you can really play for hours and not advance because you're evenly matched. You can't save your progress and resume later, so that's a drawback.

"Pick Up Artist" and "Liar's Dice" are nothing worth mentioning, and not exactly fun. When there are only 5 games in the pack, and 2 are throwaways... it's hard to be too positive!

The Bottom Line

It's a fun little way to kill some time and have a laugh at what used to pass for entertainment. The timing-related games will have you wanting to play again and again, at least for awhile, as you try to improve your scores.

Past that, the re-playability is not very high, and the game is in general quite forgettable.