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Barracuda: Secret Mission 1 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Can you stop the...
(Here's what we're trying to prevent.)
(Here comes the F117A, to take down those ships...)
(Created by Mark A. Janelle.)
(A GameLynk Production, of course.)
Secret Mission 1!
Oh, and here's that F117A again, from another angle.
And wait for it...
BOOM! Take that, Iraq! Eat G.H.W. Bush-era patriotism!
Let's get a move on, then, claiming that salvage. Where shall we go next? (Egad, a waterspout!)
Let's try here. Mount the submersible!
What large squids they enjoy here in the Persian Gulf. Let's fire off a random torpedo!
At last, the sea floor! Wow, this hulk sure decayed quickly. Are we sure we're in the right place?
Well, let's take a look. There sure is a lot of twisted wire in here. What were these guys hauling, anyway?
Eek! Watch out for the jellyfish! And the... sea Schmoo? What is that thing?
Whoops. nothing down this way but a vault of death. Moving on...
Wow, when you get tangled in that wire you really get tangled. Better luck next time!