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Battle Chess 4000 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Interplay title screen
Title screen
Starting a new game
Blue Knight vs. Red Knight (using light sabers!)
Blue Queen vs. Red Queen (catfight!)
Traditional 2D display
Checkmate! I... lost!
Title screen (SVGA).
The board is ready for play (SVGA).
Knight shoots at Pawn and misses (SVGA).
Knight blows Pawn up (SVGA).
Queen tosses a bone up into the air à la 2001 (SVGA).
Knight examines monolith (SVGA).
And it leads to his demise (SVGA).
Pawn poisons Queen (SVGA).
Knight yields a lightsaber against a Bishop (SVGA).
Bishop kills Knight (SVGA).
Bishop shrinks Queen (SVGA).
The optional 2D board, but why bother? (SVGA)
Rook takes a walk down the board (SVGA).
Rook bazookas Pawn (SVGA).
King tries to smother Queen (SVGA).
Queen breaks King's back (SVGA).
Checkmate! (SVGA)
Install to play game
Interplay title screen (VGA)
Manual Protection (VGA)