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Press Release:

    Interplay Offers Chess Lovers 4 in 1 With Release of Battle Chess Collection

    Irvine, California, March 3, 1995 -- Interplay Productions is proud to announce the release of Battle Chess Collection, a superior chess package which combines the action and challenge of all four Interplay Battle Chess titles:
    • Battle Chess
    • Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess
    • Battle Chess 4000
    • Battle Chess Enhanced CD-ROM

    The original Battle Chess, an animated chess game released in 1988, was Interplay's first strategy game as an independent publisher. "The Battle Chess series contains some of our most well-known and best selling titles ever and is the cornerstone from which Interplay Productions was built," said Brian Fargo, Interplay's president. "A whole new generation of computer owners and those who played the games when they first came out will enjoy having all of the Battle Chess games on one CD-ROM at a great price."

    The Battle Chess series is best known for its compelling, assault-style chess play. In every title, each chess piece comes to life in full 3-D animation and has its own combative yet humorous means of destroying the enemy. Interplay's use of music and sound effects enhance the battlefield. Individually, the titles offer distinct gaming experiences and are classics in and of themselves: Battle Chess was the first to add combat to the century-old game of chess. Stunning, three-dimensional animation turns every move into an exciting and challenging royal battle.

    Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess proves the words of the famous Oriental philosopher/chef Kung Pao -- "War is fun!" An ancient cousin to Western chess, it features a strong Chinese Chess algorithm.

    Battle Chess 4000 is set in a futuristic space station and combines state-of-the-art digitized clay animation and Super VGA graphics. The game's opening library contains more than 300,000 moves designed to challenge players at any level.

    Battle Chess Enhanced CD-ROM is one of the all-time best-selling multimedia CD-ROM entertainment titles. It allows the player to experience the mortal combat thrill of chess more intensely then ever. The CD-ROM technology offers life-like motion, dramatic stereo sound and modem capability.

    Battle Chess Collection is available now for IBM and 100% compatibles, 386/SX-16 or better processor, hard drive, CD-ROM drive, 256-color super VGA. The game will also support Microsoft compatible mouse and 100% Sound Blaster compatible sound cards.

    Contributed by skl (1142) on Feb 20, 2004.

From the back cover:

    Interplay's Complete Battle Chess Collection

    At last, the complete collection of Interplay's most classic characters gathered together for hours of Battle Chess fun.
    Any way you play it, you're in for a royal battle!

    Battle Chess - Enhanced CD-ROM & The original Classic.

    Sharpen your lance and prepare your knights for a challenge of a lifetime. Battle Chess on CD-ROM combines bone-crunching sound effects, 3D animation and stereo voices that will bring your chess pieces to life. With ten levels of play and a whopping 33 megabytes of Super VGA graphics, it's the most spectacular chess game ever. This classic will definitely test your savvy. It's a terrific way to teach novices and challenge even the most advanced player.

    Battle Chess 4000

    The tournament is the same, only now the battlefield is translucent and the pieces are hilariously brought to life through vivid clay animation. This Battle Chess is the strongest and most versatile to hit the market. With multiple levels of play, an opening library of over 125,000 moves, and a 2-D mode for regular chess play, it's easy to see why Battle Chess 4000 is one of the most advanced chess programs ever created.

    Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess

    East meets West in this ancient cousin to standard chess where the action is sometimes hilarious, sometimes unfortunate, but always fun. Including take back and replay moves, and 2D or 3D viewing modes, it's a great twist on an old classic!

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Nov 24, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    To conquer the queen's territory, you'll have to avoid her fatal flash of lightning. Now you can experience the mortal combat thrill of chess more intensely than you ever imagined! Through the modern sorcery of your CD-ROM drive, you'll be blown away by bone-crushing battle sound effects. 3D animation and stereo voices that bring your chess pieces to life. And medieval mood music while you ponder your strategy. We've taken the game of chess off the chessboard and into the barbaric fields of war!

    The Battle Chess programs have been picked Winner of Best Graphic Award from the Software Publishers Association, PC Journal Editor's Choice Award, Multimedia Worlds Reader's Choice Award, and Kid's &Computers Best 1992 Computer Game.

    Contributed by Gene Davison (805) on Mar 16, 2001.