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Jo Guest advertisement

Glamour model Jo Guest (Joanne Guest), who has more ties with games than just this title, modeled for a few game ads in UK magazines, one of them being Battlecruiser 3000AD in 1996 and the advert soon became (in)famous.

The advert was a black-and-white photo showing Jo wearing a black leather bra, panties and thigh-length boots - she was perched on a stool with the game itself held in front of her on the stool. The photo appeared in that form (with only the name of the game repeated plus the name of the distributor) in several PC magazines, including the November 1996 issue of PC Gamer.

However, that was not the only version of the advert. For the more "laddish" magazines (e.g. PC Zone) one or two alterations were made. For a start, the caption "She really wants it" was added, and in this version of the photo it looked like she wasn't wearing any panties (the game box obviously obscured the interesting area).

This had the effect of getting the game talked about, but not necessarily in the way that the advertiser had hoped: complaints were made to the ASA who handed down a judgement that the advertiser should desist from that style of advertising. A link to the picture can be seen here.

Information used from the Joanne Guest FAQ.


Battlecruiser 3000AD was created by Derek Smart, who loudly defends ANY criticism of his product in the newsgroups, and threads regarding Battlecruiser 3000AD is a frequently source of flamewars.

The 1996 release was rushed out the door to meet the Christmas release deadline, apparently without the approval of the developer (i.e. Mr. Smart). The result is a game so buggy it's completely unplayable upon install. It took Derek Smart/3000AD a full year's legal battle to get the title back under their own control, all the time issuing new patches to complete the product. Derek Smart made the V1.01 (the DOS-only version) free download to thank the gamers for their support.


  • Computer Gaming World
    • November 1996 (15th anniversary issue) – #2 Top Vaporware Title in Computer Game History
Information also contributed by Kasey Chang

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