Beneath a Steel Sky Credits


Game DesignCharles Cecil, Dave Cummins, Dave Gibbons, Daniel Marchant
ScriptDave Cummins
V T System ConceptCharles Cecil, Tony Warriner, David Sykes, Daniel Marchant
V T System DesignTony Warriner
V T System 2.0 ImplementationDavid Sykes, Tony Warriner
ProgrammingDavid Sykes, Tony Warriner, James Long
ComicDave Gibbons
Background ScreensDave Gibbons
Background PaintingsLes Pace, Steve Ince
Computer Graphics and AnimationStephen Oades, Adam Tween, Paul Humphreys, Steve Ince
MusicDave Cummins
Music Conversion & Sound EffectsTony Williams
Quality AssuranceDaniel Marchant, J. Wright, Paul Coppins, Richard Hewison, Aaron Phelan, J. Martin, Peter Hickman
Assistant ProducersAaron Phelan, Peter Hickman
ManualNoirin Carmody, Dave Cummins, Charles Cecil
ProducerDaniel Marchant
DirectorCharles Cecil
Packaging DesignRoot Asociates
LogisticsCatherine Spratt, Robert McGrath, Rosemarie Dalton, Rizwan Khan, Matthew Walker
Thanks toSean Brennan, Mark Allen
German VersionChristian Weikert

Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Executive ProducerNeil Young
US Coordinator/ProducerKen Love
Assistant ProducerCraig Warmsley
Coordinator of Software PublishingChristina Camerota
US Quality AssuranceAdam Ryan, Jim Getz, Christopher Toft, Jeff Gordon, Craig McCoy, Erik Harshman, Paul Shoener (as P. Schoener), Mitch Feldman (as M. Feldman)
US Manual Produced & Written byMark J. Polcyn
US Manual Designed byCrystal Wines
Special ThanksVirgil

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