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Beneath a Steel Sky Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Floppy version title screen
Downed Helicopter
Second Level Elevator
CD-ROM intro: Dave Gibbons illustrates the shaman leading the shantytown in which Foster was raised
Intro: the helicopter jammed, it's headed for a crash on a Union City walkway!
Managing and remarking on inventory items
Characters in this game have a certain UNUSUAL way of EXPRESSING themselves, don't you THINK?
Conversation branches
Quitting from the game over screen
Lamb's apartments
Nuclear reactor
Reactor room
Burke's surgery
Doctor Burke
Swinging across the city.
Computer room
Password room
Mrs.Piermont apartment
Drowning dog
Ventilation shaft
Stored dummy parts
Reactor core
Holographic message
Unstable passage
Locked room
Joey fighting the android.
Liquid hydrogen
Virus locked inside a crystal.
Introduction movie is done as a narrative comic
This smug face is enjoying his work a bit too much
Bird perspective of the Union City
Options screen
Your robotic pal Joey cannot climb the stairs, but can fly instead
Trying to find out about Overman
Joey is enjoying his new chassis
Browsing your inventory
An apartment complex
Searching an apartment
Our hero is wearing a shirt with a teddy bear on it