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Berlin Wall Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game starts with a line down the centre of the screen. This develops through a few patterns to produce this effect over which the registration request is displayed
The game's menu. The background colour changes constantly, here it started red which is being replaced as the new cyan colour scrolls down from the top
The in-game help screen
The developers must have thought that the keyboard controls would be confusing so the players must pass a test before they are allowed to play
The start of a game on the lowest difficulty setting. Here all the pieces are the same shape
A match in progress. Pieces that are dropped can fly off the end of the screen at the other side so at some point players must arrange for their pieces to collide to provide a starting point
The start of a game at the highest level of difficulty
This game is being played at the highest level of difficulty with obstacles. The obstacles help players initially by giving them a foundation point on which to start building.
Here the purple player on the right has just completed a vertical line. This is quickly removed and all blocks to the right of that line 'fall' one square towards the centre
The high score table. This just shows the five highest scores, it does not show the highest scores for each difficulty setting.