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Beverly Hills Cop Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

EGA Title Screen
Level start
Front hand spring
Biting the bullet
Mission #2 - Chasing the Loaded Vans
Your car has rolled and exploded by the side of the road, but your dashboard is just fine.
Catching up to a van. Stay on target!
Mission #3 - Storming The Mansion
Gruesome shot!
Dying in a pool of your own blood. Pretty gory for the time.
Mission #4 - Seek and destroy Mr. Big
Feels and looks like the old Star Wars game. The bow tie's are enemies and the circles on the ground are either ammo or staircases.
Axel is wounded.
Highscores featuring the lead programmers.
Tyne Soft & Paramount logos (CGA).
Title screen (CGA).
Main menu (CGA).
Choosing the difficulty level (CGA).
Level 1 (CGA).
Level 2 (CGA).
Level 3 (CGA).
Level 4 (CGA).
High-Scores table (CGA).