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Written by  :  Robert Greene (2)
Written on  :  Jan 22, 2004
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Epic text-based RPG from the Titanic to underneath the ocean to the moon...

The Good

I loved it. I played it when I was 11 or 12 on my IBM pc.

The Bad

Realists may take issue with the fact that the Titanic's rowboats were massive, and one lone person would not have the strength to lower one into the ocean, much less row it away from the sinking ship. In the game, the ship simply sinks, whereas in reality the ship began to sink from the stern, broke in half, and finished sinking, causing huge waves and casualties to people who had already evacuated in rowboats. Also, geologists may take issue with the premise of an under-ocean cavern, since any existing under-ocean cavern would quickly be flooded with ocean water, rendering it useless to adventurers.

The Bottom Line

It starts out with your character being on the Titanic. The ship sinks, and you end up (after a few restored games) in the ocean on a rowboat. A whirpool sucks you under, and you end up in a maze of caves under the ocean floor. You then encounter an alien ship, and later an alien on the moon.