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This game doesn't work properly on modern operating systems, because it uses FCB, File Control Blocks, which is a way of handling files taken from the CP/M family of operating systems, the predecessors of MS-DOS. This 'feature' became obsolete in 1983, with the release of MS-DOS 2.0.

Freeware release

Beyond the Titanic and Supernova were both released as freeware in 1998 by Apogee, around the same time as James Cameron's movie Titanic was making waves in cinemas.


At the easternmost point of the Titanic, the rear of the ship, players can find a crate with a message on the side, reading "Miller was lost here.", likely referring to Scott Miller, the game's creator.

Information also contributed by Agent 5, Kartanym and Slawomir Kuczera

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