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Infocom Bug in Beyond ZorkContributed by David Ledgard (63) on Jul 14, 2006.

If you go to the Pool of Radiance, then type "DIP ME IN POOL" (as opposed to "GET IN THE POOL"), it will say that you see yourself in the pool, even though you really aren't. However, you will now be unable to interact with yourself ("EXAMINE ME," "POINT WAND AT ME," etc.) for the remainder of the game, unless you are at the pool. There is no way to get "yourself" back out of the pool once you "put" yourself in. This works in any version.

In early versions (47/870915 and possibly 49/870917), you can take the hurdy-gurdy away from the Monkey Grinder using the levitation wand. He'll still be able to use it against you, though.

I've also received several reports of the "Butterfly Bug" in earlier releases. You were able to sell the butterfly in any of the shops, but it would still follow you around, enabling you to sell it again and get infinite zorkmids. It was even possible to win the game without obtaining the Crocodile's Tear by doing this. The version included with "Lost Treasures of Infocom" (57/871221) has this one fixed.

Also fixed in LTOI is a bug which allowed you to read the scroll of recall, then walk onto the lava without the aid of the ring of shielding.

For some reason, the potion of forgetfulness doesn't seem to erase your map in the LTOI version, although it did in earlier releases. Not sure whether this is a bug or an act of kindness on the part of Infocom.

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