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atari mania

Big Rig Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The title screen
First page of the in-game help
Starting the trip: choose the cargo and its amount...
... then choose the number of replacement tires and your route. (As you can see, the "parser" is pretty limited.)
Let's go! At the beginning of each round, choose your cruisin' speed.
Passing a truck stop.
Getting bored...
I'm tired -- but it's probably still too early to take a nap.
Oh no, construction ahead.
Oops, ran out of fuel... Beginner's error, I hope...
After a long day of trucking, we stopped, bought some fuel and get some well-earned rest.
5 am, time to hit the road again.
But I was just 27 mph too fast, Mr. Officer! (Glad my truck's so old I couldn't do the 100 I wanted :-)
The police, again! They're pretty hot around here... Second offense is more expensive.
Car accidents slow us down further.
It's foggy, time to take a daylight nap... If only I could sleep with all that noise!
A blizzard... I guess this means I should slow down a bit...
Passing a time zone means setting the clock ahead by one hour... One hour less for your schedule!
Occasionally, weighing stations will slow us down, and also fine us if we're too heavy.
This get really nervy... There will be no further warning, so let's drive carefully from now on.
A rock slide blocked the tunnel... Luckily, I can have some sleep while waiting.
Finally, we reach our destination.
Well, this was a pretty bad trip: I'm bankrupt!
Next trip was better :-)
And of course, you can also finish the game this way, if you don't sleep enough...