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B.I.G. Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

title screen
enemy base entrance
i see the sword, but why is so high?
first encounter with enemies, need to find another way
this terminal looks important, you're all gonna die!
password please :)
Installation Menu
Developer's Logo
Main Menu
Game Options
Steam Switch
Fatal Fall
Game Load
Prepare to Ambush
Enemy can be decapitated...
...or blown to pieces
Enemy is blind so I can read the Message
Warning Note
Terminal Hacking...
Symbol of the Enemy
Enemy base
In game animation
3 on 1
Slaughter in the jungle
Big tank
I do not want to make this weight fell on me
Use of the card
Office part
Dining areas
Follow the arrows
AC outlet
AC generator
Underground bottom
Mine field
Fan room
Ready to escape
Mission completed