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Billy the Kid Returns! Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
If you let the game run for a while, you'll see the credits.
The high score screen, now with more historical figures!
You can choose any of the ten levels right from the start.
Choosing "Introduction" shows the story of the game.
Here you'll learn a bit about our uh, hero, Billy the Kid.
Stage 1's intro screen.
You're in jail and you're weaponless. Gotta find a way to escape!
Pick up all sorts of items to get bonus points.
Watch out for those dogs, they'll get you if you stay still!
Pick up that gun to defend yourself from your enemies!
Shoot some crates and you'll find bonus items inside.
Watch out for those guards, they'll stop at nothing to capture you again!
But if you shoot them twice, they'll surrender!
Let's begin playing Stage 2!
Watch out for steer or they'll run you over!
Drive-by shooting, 1875 style!
Game over.