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Bio Menace Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Company logo
Title screen
Main menu
Top eight players
Metro City is in ruins, but Snake Logan is here to put things right.
There are passages throughout the games which lead to interiors of levels or to other parts of the level. In this case a broken exterior window leads us inside this building.
At the base of a "High Rise"
"The City Park" sure has some huge trees!
You're welcome Jennifer Aniston.
Snake stumbles upon a secret level.
Wow, the secret level contains his name written in crystals. As if his ego wasn't inflated enough...
This building in the "South Side" contains a key puzzle. There is a chart somewhere on this level showing the sequence that those buttons must be pressed. Mess it up and the pit opens.
Down in "The Sewers" where the sludge monsters roam.
Going further down "The Tunnel". Beware of those monsters on the ceiling. They drip noxious goo down on you.
I think that graffiti should say Skull Man IS here!
"The Elevator" is one of the most puzzling levels. It also seems to have the same decorator as The Temple of Doom.
"The Lab Entrance" is where all the mutants are hiding.
What's this Gozer-looking thing doing here?!
Episode 2 starts off in "The Woods".
The giant ants obviously live in "Ant Town".
"The Queen Ant" sends tiny annoying flies after you.
Who's that "Keen" looking young man over there?...
The "Trash Boss" doesn't last very long.
In the "Electronics" lab Snake must turn into a little mutant to advance.
In the "Genetics" you must open those glass doors for bonuses.
Thankfully none of these "Specimens" come alive...or do they?
A hidden part of "Specimens" contains cameos by Apogee staffers (from L to R) Jim Norwood, George Broussard, and Scott Miller. Strewn around the room are also props from various Apogee games.
Entering a secret level in episode two is a little more high-tech.
The "Killer-Pillers" are on the attack!
Episode 3 starts off in the "Outer Fort".
"The Fort Entrance" is guarded by lots of agile robots.
Snake's gotten into a bit of "Cyborg Trouble".
Circling the Computer Core is a robot you must not touch. Unless death is somewhat appealing to you.
"Goliath" guards the armory.
Snake better load up on weapons for when the "Mutants Attack".
You must take a Radiation pill to get near these green glowing machines.
Master Cain doesn't seem all that threatening.
Until he turns into this!