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The Black Cauldron Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Caer Dallben
The Pig keeper
The goat thinks you want to play tag
The Beautiful woods of Caer Dallben
The lake of Caer Dallben
Every now and then you need to eat and drink something, or you'll die.
This game has no parser, you use the function keys to initiate actions.
The castle of the Horned King.
Action sequence: Swim past these hungry crocodiles
Oops, caught by the henchman.
The Horned King and Creeper.
Watch out where you swim.
I've upset the king of the Fair Folk.
Turned into a frog, one of the many ways to end the game in a wrong way.
Title screen (Hercules graphics)
Game beginning (Hercules graphics)
A bridge.
A waterfall.
Looking at the dagger in your inventory.
Swimming in the river.
Near the swamp.
Walking along the countryside.
Climbing up a rope.
Watch your step up here, or you'll fall.
Walking on a twisty roadway to the castle.
Outside of the castle.
Climb up the castle walls while avoiding the falling rocks.
Inside the castle.
A staircase in the castle.
Going down stairs in the castle.
Trapped in a dungeon in the castle.
Lots of doors here in the castle.
The castle's wine cellar.
The courtyard of the castle.
Walking along the tunnels of the castle with Princess Princess Eilonwy.
Inside the home of the Fair Folk.
Outside the home of the Fair Folk.
The crypt of an ancient king.
A house in the marsh.
Title screen (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Starting screen (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
The pig keeper's house (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Title screen (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Starting screen (CGA w/RGB Monitor)