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Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter  DOS Opening cut-scene


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Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter Credits

12 people (8 developers, 4 thanks)


ProgrammingSteve Eschweiler
ArtworkRandy Maclean, Ken Rieger
PhotographyTed Carlson, Randy Maclean
VoicesMike Callahan, Steve Eschweiler, Pat Vassaux
MusicRobert Prince (credited as Bobby Prince)
Mission DesignSteve Eschweiler, Mario Vassaux
Special ThanksTom Shaw (credited as Maj. Tom Shaw), ''Stimpey'' Freed (credited as Capt. 'Stimpey' Freed), Damon Cummings, Roger F. A. Arias (credited as Roger Arias)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Terok Nor (34283)

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