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Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
menu screen
am I in a doom or what?
watch out who to kill
this guy doesn't look too tough
Lots of in-game story text, including before and after chapters.
Sci-fi and slightly campy, but also still gory.
One of Goldfire's monsters.
Hit Tab for an in-game automap and level stats.
Coin-operated food dispensers are a source of health.
Non-aggressive NPC informants give hints and items.
Sacks of cash add to your score.
Goldfire watches from wall-mounted screens.
Start of Chapter 2. The shuttle that brought you to the Floating Fortress.
Fighting through the fortress halls.
Start of Chapter 3: Underground Network
Pursuing Goldfire into Chapter 4: Star Port
Pod aliens hatch!
Chapter 5: Habitat 11
Goldfire's elite soldiers are deploying.
Chapter 6: Satellite Defense
Goldfire taunts you after your defeat.
Goldfire himself randomly appears in levels to taunt and attack.
Cause enough damage and he'll teleport away.
High energy plasma alien.
Map and statistics
Experimental mech sentinel
Zombie-alien? So weird...
Stone maze? Looks like Wolf3D
Game was too slow? Little screen was solution!
...but enemies are to small
Red screen? Life lost.
What diabolical plot is going on here...?