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Blood & Magic Credits (DOS)

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Blood & Magic Credits


Head HonchoBrian Fargo
Big CheesePhil Adam
ProducerWilliam Church
Assistant ProducerChristopher M. Benson
Art ConsultantTodd J. Camasta
MAC ConsultantBill Dugan
TSR ForemanFeargus Urquhart
Lead MarketerCraig Owens
Lead Public RelationsGenevieve Waldman
Story Prologue WriterZeb Cooke
Art DirectorDavid Gaines
Documentation DesignerPatrizia Scharli
Cover artwork based on painting ("Deadlock") by (uncredited)Larry Elmore
Localisation ManagerJulian Ridley
Traffic ManagerBill Hamelin
Additional TranslationGary Burke, Sylvie Nguyen
Audio TranslationCharles Deenen
Music DirectorBrian Luzietti
Audio TechnicianCraig Duman
Music Composer and FM TranslationRick Jackson, Ronald Valdez
Sound Effects ComposerGregory R. Allen
Voice ProcessingSergio A. Bustamante II
Director of QAChad Allison, Jim Boone
Assistant Directors of QAMarvic Ambata, Ronald Hodge, Jason L. Nordgren, Colin Totman, Darren L. Monahan
Lead TestersErick Lujan, Matthew Golembiewski, Douglas W. Avery, Steve Baldoni, Richard Barker, Jeremy S. Barnes, Greg Baumeister, Evan Chantland, Casey Fawcett, Bill Field, David Hendee, Greg Hersch, Rod Hodge, Darrell Jones, Chris Keenan, Amy Mitchell, Matthew Murakami, Glenn Murray, David Gene Oh, Stephas Reed, Usana Shaddy, Kyle Shubel, Shelby Strategier, Anthony Taylor, Kaycee Vardeman, Steve Victory
Director of CompatabilityJohn Werner
Compatability TechniciansMarc Duraan, Dan Forsyth, Phuong Nguyen, Aaron Olaiz, Jack Parker, Derek Gibbs, Marc Duran
Game Designer, Project Manager, Art Director, Lead WriterVasken N. Sayre
Lead Programmer (Game Engine)John Hamilton, Vangelis Van Dempsey
Applications Programmer (Cinematics and Support Screens)Kevin Sherrill
Character and Environment Animator, Opening Cartoon Designer and AnimatorTramell Ray Isaac
Inset and Portrait Artist, Map Designer and ArtistBrian Menze
Map Designer and ArtistJana Darkoski
Map Designer and Artist, Campaign Portrait ArtistLeigh Kellogg
 Background Illustrator (Opening Cartoon)Tramell Ray Isaac
Background Illustrator (Tatyron Unbound, Matchmaker Mayhem, Nuts and !Bolts)Maurice Morgan
Background Illustrator (Howl of Vengence)Peter Ledger
Background Illustrator (Harvest of Horrors)Alex Nino
Background Illustrator (Nuts and !Bolts), Computer Artist (all stories)Brian Menze
Tigre Engine ProgrammersVangelis Van Dempsey, John Crane, John Hamilton, Brian K. Hughes, Chris Iden, Kimberly L. Bowdish, Kevin Sherrill, Russell Woods
Mac ProgrammersJohn Crane, Kimberly L. Bowdish
Mac ArtitisTramell Ray Isaac, Eric C. Heitman, Robert Collier, Deena Ellias, W. Bryan Ellis, Jay Christopher Esparza, Cheryl Loyd, Brian Menze, Ernst Shadday, Ila Shadday
Support Staff (Head Honcho)Chris Iden
Support Staff (Big Cheese)Marie Iden
Support Staff (Story Prologue Writer, Paycheck Fairy)Nancy Grimsley
Support Staff (Office Wrangler)Sonia Graves, Shelly Sischo
Support Staff (Assistant Wrangler)Rachel Ackerman
Support Staff (Paycheck Fairy)Donna Wyatt
Lead Music Composer, Sound Effects ComposerRon Saltmarsh
Music Composer, Sound Effects ComposerAndy Warr
Cartoon Colorist ManagerShaun Mitchell
Voice Performance (Main Game, Howl of Vengence, Tartyron Unbound, Legendary Campaign)Mike Forest
Voice Performance (Tutorial, Nuts and !Bolts, Harvest of Horrors, Legendary Campaign)Steven M. Kramer
Voice Performance (Matchmaker Mayhem, Legendary Campaign)Wendee Lee
Voice Performance (Voice Director)Melodee M. Spevack
Voice Performance (Sound Technicians)Greg Gill, Randy Vandegrift
Voice Performance (Voiceworks Liason)Michael McConnohie
TSR (Head Honcho)James M. Ward
TSR (Forgotten Realms Manager)David Wise
TSR (Forgotten Realms Consultant)Julia Martin
This game is dedicated to the memory ofPeter Ledger
Additional Graphics / Artwork (Matchmaker Mayhem)Daniel B. McMillan, Richard Morgan
TSR LeadMark O'Green
Additional Translations German VersionJBI Localization; Los Angeles
Quality Assurance TechniciansBill Delk, Aaron Meyers

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zen Gamer (78), //dbz: (5277), Corn Popper (69245), Trixter (9118), Pseudo_Intellectual (61667) and formercontrib (158973)