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Written by  :  Katakis | カタキス (41056)
Written on  :  Mar 30, 2003

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New episode, new enemies, new firing modes

The Good

As you probably know already, Blood Plasma Pak is the add-on expansion pack for Blood. It is basically a patch, so if you have the original game, and applied the patch to it, you'll get a new episode titled "Post Mortem". In addition, you also get new multiplayer levels, and new alternative firing modes.

Like the original episodes, "Post Mortem" has nine levels (eight normal, one secret), and features new enemies, ranging from two more cultists: a green-robed one that throws dynamite at you, and a blue-robed one who shoots electricity bolts at you. Both of these cultists chant the same words that the original cultists chant. You'll also have to face killer plants, and my favorite, the little Calebs. These pip-squeaks follow you around and shoot you while they say such things like "I once a friend", "You want some, huh? Who's next?", "No one wants to play with me", and "This is my broomstick". As usual, there is a new boss, the Beast, who resurrects himself several times, and you have to find a way to kill him.

Your original weapons have been upgraded to include new alternative firing modes. If you gone through the Plasma Pak, but haven't used these modes, then I suggest that you try them out and see what you thinks. As mentioned before, there are new multiplayer levels, but I haven't tried them out yet. Remember kids, these levels require two or more people to play against each other. If you enter a multiplayer level by accident, you can only explore the level and accomplish nothing, and see how pretty it is.

The Bad

Nothing much. I forget to mention in my review for Blood that when you finish the level after playing it with cheat mode, the cheat mode is disabled when the next level loads up, and you have to enter the cheats again.

The Bottom Line

Although the Plasma Pak consists of only one new episode, plus some extras here and there, it would give gamers the opportunity to spill some more blood. ***½