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Written by  :  Katakis | カタキス (39490)
Written on  :  Mar 27, 2003
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Bloody. Absolutely Bloody

The Good

A small company known as Monolith Productions, Inc. rose to fame with their first (and probably most brutal) game, Blood, and like most FPSes out there, it actually has a story. Although I don't quite know what the plot is, I can tell you that you play Caleb, and you must fight the forces of Tchernobog and his minions. If I haven't made myself clear, then perhaps the individual cut-scenes that you can watch during the game will make the story clear. If you're playing a pirated version of Blood, chances are that you won't get the required files that store the cut-scenes. I'm afraid that I can't help you there.

There are four episodes: "The Way of all Flesh", "Even Death May Die", "Farewell to Arms", and "Dead Reckoning", and there are a total of nine levels, including a secret level. Like Duke Nukem 3D, Caleb can tour each level based on real locations. For example, whereas Duke3D lets you explore nightclubs, sewer systems, movie studios, and space stations, Blood will have Caleb explore graveyards, carnivals, train stations, shopping malls, and hotels to name a few. In fact, I believe that Blood has more real locations than Duke3D.

In addition, there is varied gameplay on some levels. For example, on E1M3, you are traveling on a train, and you must find a way to stop the train by turning a series of valves. As usual, no level would be complete without a few enemies placed here and there to stop you from completing the level, and these enemies include, but not limited to, cultists, undead skeletons, gargoyles, spiders, piranhas, and butchers that puke slime all over you, plus the average bat and rat. As usual, when you reach the end of each episode, there is a boss waiting to bring you down, but except Tchernobog himself, almost all of the bosses are basically a preview of what's to come in the next episodes.

You have several weapons at your disposal like the flare gun, the sawed-off shotgun, the tommy gun, dynamite, life leech, and the remote detonator. Plus you have the powerful voodoo doll and your gardener's pitch fork. Most of these weapons have alternative firing modes, which are much more powerful than normal firing modes. You are offered some help, as in a few levels, you'll likely find young teenage boys going about their business. When you approach them, all they do is run away, then scream like little girls when hit. However, if you start shooting at them, they come running at you, chanting "Go away!" and "There's no place like home." These boys provide a distraction for the enemies, because when they start running away, they end up shooting them instead of you. Quite often when you not doing anything in the game, Caleb will chant things like "Strangers in the night, exchanging glanches" and "Sailing, Sailing, over the bounty bridge". But you'll also hear his chanting after he defeats a boss. One of these chants I love him say when he defeats the boss on episode two is "Along came a spider and sat down beside her, and said 'What's up, bold bitch'"

This game is one of the bloodiest games I've ever played, even the cut-scenes show Caleb killing things and do sick things like taking a heart out of a mummy and drinking its fluid. This sort of thing is not suitable for minors to watch. There are about five difficulty levels. Furthermore, the higher the difficulty level, the more bloodier the game gets.

It certainly seems that Monolith are a bunch of movie buffs, as Blood contains a lot of movie references that are possibly found in each level. For example, one of the enemies, the Choking Hands, scatter around and say "I'll swallow your soul", which is a direct quote from Evil Dead 2.

The Bad

Blood was apparently shipped with severe bugs. I remember when I first started playing the game, while I was playing the final level of episode two, I did a little bit of exploring, and the game would went to the Monolith logo. The bugs are so severe, that you may end up deleting it off your hard drive. Actually, that's what I did.

What's worse is that when bugs were discovered in the original game and get reported to Monolith, they released several patches to fix the problem, but every one of them introduced more severe bugs.

Fortunately, I was able to snag One Unit Whole Blood from my local computer store, and it's so much better. Not only do you get all the add-ons (Cryptic Passage and Plasma Pak), but you also get to play the game without the bugs, as the version of Blood is V1.21.

The Bottom Line

This game is so bloody, you better keep it away from your children. If you like this game, you might like Blood 2: The Chosen, and be sure to check out the web sites dedicated to the game. The game's official site was launched at the time it was released, but go there now, and you end up at a porno site. ***½