BloodNet Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Developer's logo
Title screen
Intro sequence - a bit of inattention...
Intro sequence - ...and you're biten
The Ultima-style character generation: Choose an answer.
The character screen -- lots of talents, most of them useless.
Left's the equipment of the active character, on the right is the party's inventory.
You travel between locations on this map of New York.
Actions not peformed by a right-click are chosen from this command bar.
The cloister. Red is an extremly rare color in this dark game.
Combat! Fights are tactical and turn-based. The window shows the possible commands.
More combat! A group of ruffians has ambushed the wrong guys.
A sad truth for cyberpunk fans: Cyberspace consists of rendered objects only.
This is a cyberspace well. The red dots are data items.
Our hero converses with a fellow decker.
Nice feature: Your party members comment each location.
This is the decking unit, equipped with high-tech electronics.
We've sneaked into an exclusive club.
The CD version of the game adds new map graphics for every location.
Some places are pure side-quest locations, you may never find them throughout the game if you don't explore everything!
New York Public Library, long destroyed, now inhabited by an ancient evil being.
After you wake him from his coma, Charlie Flyer joins your party, he's a true genius hacker.
Throughout the game, the Transtech building becomes a whole different map of its own.
Who'se heart is it in the center of Transtech?
CD version of the game adds some small videos, like when entering Cyberspace.
The Winter Garden Theater, another side-quest location.
The legendery INCUBUS
Incubus comes to your aid in the final battle of the game!
The final blow!
The end is only the beginning.
Entry drone
Damage description
Game Over
Dialogue with friend
Big trouble.