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Blue Force (DOS)

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Written by  :  SamandMax (78)
Written on  :  Sep 05, 2001
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One of the most disappointing games I've played

The Good

Not much.It had decent graphics and it was kind of fun to just work on the beat.

The Bad

When I first saw this game,I was excited as it was made by Jim Walls of the Police Quest fame,one of my favorite series of games.So,I quickly installed the game and to my surprise,it was quite bad.The writing was poor,the music was melodramatic and it has some of the worst cliche ridden storylines I've seen in a long time.There's so much else wrong with the game.The date of your parents death is never known as they say many different days.Sometimes you try to do something you know you have to yet you just can't,and sometimes you can miss a large piece of the plot,and when they explain it later,you have no idea what they're talking about.

The Bottom Line

A terrible adventure that features some very poor writing and some very,very,VERY large plotholes.