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Blue Ice Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Starting location
Character information
Outside the house
In the pond
Game controls are placed in the borders above & below the action screen. In the bottom right is the save option, in the bottom left is the load option. there is only one save slot.
Inside the house and the game becomes more surreal. The con in the bottom centre of the screen shows the last locations accessed and is a quick way to navigate back to them
In a land crushed by the weight of thousands of rules the only hope is, well, Hope
The map of the kingdom, there's a law that says every house must have one on display
The disc icon in the top left displays the music currently being played ...
This is one of the tracks played in the game
The icon in the top right displays one of the many laws. It seems to be the law that's relevant to the current room.
The three basic action icons are the spyglass - to look, the hand to pick up/use, and the arrow to move. As items are added to the inventory they appear the same list