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Bomberman Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Menu/Main Title
Game can be playd in two modes, normal, and surprising one that adds unknown side-effects available to pick up in the game.
It supports up to 4 players on the same screen.
Multiplayer game always has the same level size and textures.
Bomb will destroy surrounding walls, but if detonated near the item that can be picked, the item will be destroyed.
In the intro animation, a black spaceman kidnapps the woman you love. Now you must face all the challenges and set her free.
Each round has 9 levels, and there are 8 rounds to comlete the game. Also, each round is set on different teritorry, so textures and enemies are different and new.
On level one, you have everything at low, your speed, bomb explosion range, number of bombs...
Two things you must take care of - watch where you standing so you bomb doesn't kill you, and watch for the creatures that can go through walls (though later you'll be able to do the same, as well).
Also, when you find the gate, don't detonate the bomb near it, 'cos most agressive enemies will emerge out of nothing.