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Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Bubble Bobble: Title screen.
Bubble Bobble: The adventure begins...
Bubble Bobble: Easy going in the first few levels.
Bubble Bobble: Catching baddies in teamwork.
Bubble Bobble: Activate water bobbles to flush monsters away.
Bubble Bobble: Whoa! Floaters on the chase!
Bubble Bobble: Monsters turn red and speed up if you take too long.
Bubble Bobble: Activate lightning bubbles to shoot hard-to-reach foes.
Bubble Bobble: Cool item summons a big lightning bolt.
Bubble Bobble: Flower power! Collect all blossoms to earn major bonus.
Bubble Bubble: Bonus! Its raining gems...
Bubble Bobble: This is arguably the hardest level in the game. Did anyone say Space Invaders?
Bubble Bobble: If you collect all six letter bubbles, you've earned yourself one extra life.
Bubble Bobble: The first one of the secret treasure rooms.
Bubble Bobble: Mission debriefing. Must have been a bad day.
Title screen [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Configuration Menu [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Map of Insect Island [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
I'm in heaven [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Don't get caught in the flood, Bubby [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Finally collected all seven diamonds, and earned an extra life in the process [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Say "hello" to Spidey [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Map of Combat Island [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Round 6 [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Say "hello" to Choppy [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Map of Monster World [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Hey, those guys look almost like me [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Bubby says: "I hate vampires" [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Say "hello" to the vampire lord, whatever his name is [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]