Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday Credits


Project LeaderGraeme Bayless, Bret Berry
ProgrammingRussell Brown, Michael McNally
Encounter DevelopmentDavid Shelley
Encounter AuthorsDavid Shelley (Chicagorg; Ram Spy Ship), Ken Humphries (Salvation; Solar System; Rocketship Boarding; Asteroid Base; Pirate Cruisers; Outpost), Rhonda Van (Venusian Wilderness; Lowlander Town; Lowlander Base; Venusian Ruins; Mercury Mariposas), Ken Eklund (Mars Wilderness; Desert Runner Village; Mars Ram Base)
Graphics / ArtworkLaura R. Bowen, Fred Butts, Mark Johnson, Cyrus Lum, Susan Manley, Michael Provenza, Maurine Y. Starkey, Tom Wahl
MusicTom Wahl
Art DirectorTom Wahl
PackagingDavid Boudreau, Ray Garcia, Peter Gascoyne, Kirk Nichols
DocumentationRichard Wilson
Project ManagerVictor Penman
Writing / Dialogue / StoryKen Eklund, Ken Humphries, David Shelley, Rhonda Van
PlaytestingChad Caselli, Erik Flom, Glen A. Cureton, Cyrus G. Harris, John Kirk, David A. Lucca, Clifford Mann, Don McClure, Larry Stephen Webber, Rick E. White, Richard Wilson
Installation ToolNicholas Newhard
IBM Sound SupportMicroMagic
Special IBM TestingTop Star Computer Services Inc.
Art, Graphic Design & DTPLouis Saekow Design, David Boudreau, Peter Gascoyne
Pre‑Press ProductionsLouis Saekow Design, Kirk Nichols, Ray Garcia
PrintingMuller Printing Co.

Clue Book credits

Written byDavid Shelley, Rhonda Van, Ken Humphries, Ken Eklund

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Credits for this game were contributed by Nick Newhard (109), Tony Van (2855) and formercontrib (159487)