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Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

SSI Logo
The 25th century Buck Rogers Logo
Title screen
In game screenshot
Create a party
Invest some points into your weapons specialization
Choosing your character sprite. Cool, isn't it?
The beginning
Your mission is explained to you
Standard 3D dungeon navigation
This guy looks... intimidating
Area map
Nice try, but not luck...
You attempt to enter a cargo lift
You'll be presented with moral choices in the game
You are attacked!
Unspectacular Game Over screen
Moving through a corridor
Lots of weapons to choose from
In a shop
The enemies fire at you
You are trying to run away from the battle
The "demo" is like a trailer for the game, showing some areas
In the demo you'll also catch a glimpse at some future encounters
Standard command menu
The new sun king is about to be crowned on Mercury.
Giant rodents attack!
Fighting Venus Dinosaurs.
Venusian Lowlander.
Venusian Lowlander's village.
Venusian Lowlander miner.
A blown out lab.
Another Venusian Lowlander.
Earth - future LA area.
Doctor Malcoln.
Giant plants attack.
Book burners.
Genetics Foundation.
Bad guy.