Cancelled Amiga version

An Amiga version was in development but was not released. It was advertised by Strategic Simulations, Inc.. and was previewed in a few Amiga magazines including Amiga Power and Zero. Some German magazines even reviewed the port: Power Play gave it 78% (one percent less than the PC original) in its 6/92 issue and Amiga Joker gave it 64% in its 5/92 issue.

Cover art

The cover art for this game (by an apparently uncredited artist) was originally employed as cover artwork for the TSR 3573 Official Game Adventure XXVCS3: A Matter of Gravitol.


A Buck Rogers XXVC book, written by Britton Bloom and also entitled "Matrix Cubed", was published in 1991 by TSR. Being the third book of the "Inner Planets trilogy", its precise relationship to the single, autonomous game of the same name is unclear, though they are evidently an exercise in cross-promotional merchandise.

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