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Buick Dimensions Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The product's title screen
The main menu. The main focus, naturally, is to promote and sell Buick motor cars
The title screen of the game
The first 'page' of the game's help screen
Here the player has just teed-off from hole one. The ball seems to swing to the right on every shot and though it doesn't look to have travelled very far it has gone 150 yards
The view from the fairway. The game selects the club automatically but this can be changed via the up/down arrows
A little pitch onto the green sinks the ball. The game seems as surprised as I am
Pressing the F6 key brings up an overview of the hole
On the green the game switches to an overhead view. The up/down arrows are used to aim the put. The SPACEBAR still controls the power
Out of bounds. In this game you cannot hit the ball over the trees
When faced with a situation like this you realise the value of an UNDO or RESTART function.
The scorecard is shown at the start of the game so the player can enter their three initials, and at the end of every hole. This is the end of game score card.
The other functions on the menu are all about Buick's 1991 range