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Written by  :  ZombieDepot (48)
Written on  :  Aug 31, 2001

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A lot of fun for a while...

The Good

The game is very simple, easy to learn, and free. The game comes with 2 or 3 campaign settings, with the possibility to make your own, and tons to download at the official site.

Single player gets a little old, (local) multiplayer split-screen makes the game fun for a while longer. Multiplayer allows you to do 2 player co-op or deathmatch. One of the good things about this freeware game is that it has gamepad or joystick support making playing with friends a whole lot easier.

The graphics remind me of an earlier Super Nintendo game, which means they aren't horrible nor are they state of the art. The sounds were "borrowed" from other games, which doesn't make them bad either. The sounds can be replaced with your own, and I've been told you can enable .S3M modules to play in the game as music.

The Bad

I didn't like a few things about this game... The missions get redundant "blow up the aliens", "kill the scientists", and the player made campaigns are sometimes horrible with tons of typos and missions that do not make sense.

Also, the community seems to be rather large, but then again not there. Most of the C-Dogs fan sites are never updated. You can't customize your character's physical appearance much at all (you can only select from a certain amount of premade heads without the ability to create you own).

The Bottom Line

If you want a good freeware action game with a few customization options, grab a friend and download C-Dogs. Despite it's flaws, I still like the game and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys action based shooters.