Callahan's Crosstime Saloon Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Jake is the protagonist of the game
You must solve a quiz at Callahan's to start the game.
Callahan, Josie and other customers
This man can help you to save the rain forest
In the Brazilian jungle
The temple of Qwytachocaholic
Making chocolate
Searching Pyotr in Starbucharest, Transylvania.
If you don't have a key...
Talking to an old gypsy woman
Casimir's customers
Having a nice conversation
Detailed view of an inventory item
Out on the street in the first episode/story
Hmmm, pretzels
In the building of the company we want to prevent from destroying a rare cocoa tree
Out attendant, Josie
Searching the plane for useful items
Since the people at this airport work for the company, we must not get noticed.
Hmm, is there something hidden in this picture?
Standing outside of the titular bar. What is this, a UFO?.. Jake comments on everything he sees
Navigating an actual spaceship! Wow! Can you figure out the controls?..
There are a few CG videos in the game
Exploring a space station
Most of the times there are multiple actions to choose from when you attempt to interact with people or objects
Nice view and nice description! The cars are actually animated