Campaign Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

splash screen (the cavalrymen approach and clash like jousters in the center).
Main menu - only one map in the sampler release
playing hints
setup the Rules of Engagement
starting map positions
moving range for a cannon in open terrain
moving range for cavalry in open terrain
RIP: one of my cannons fell victim to a random mine when moving out
Not much range on the cannon
Blue infantry moving in, short range, cannot attack yet.
Cavalry cannot attack infantry behind artillery, so we attack the cannon instead.
Success! Cannon goes away.
counter attack by infantry fails.
blue cavalry tried to take on the red infantry, but is unhorsed, and is now reduced to infantry.
The battle up north is progressing too; a blue infantry unit has just used the raft and drifted down the river to join with the cavalry units.
Blue army is making progress in the north, but red is sending a scout to take out the blue captain.
The Force is strong with the captain today, the cavalry unit is utterly defeated. Red is using out it's strong cannon on the bridge to prevent the Jedi....ehrm. Blue army from encircling at south.
Red cannon need to get closer to get a army is obligingly oblivious of what's going on.
The blue smurf -captain lost his tent, and is waving a white handkerchief, the Red Army wins the day. (OK, so I played both sides, but it had to end somehow)