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Canton: An Atlas Pathfinder Adventure Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
Introduction screen.
Main menu (shareware version).
Built-in manual - introduction.
Built-in manual - explanation of items in the game.
Start of the game: buying goods in the city of Canton.
Found another city! Now trade can be started.
Found some treasure worth of 5 gold coins. There's also a hint on that scroll if you look closely.
In this simple trading scheme, the caravan spends two turns to go from one city to another, stopping in the warehouse on the half-way to stock on food and goods produced there.
Information on each city, caravan and warehouse can be viewed at any time.
Trade routes are only available in the registered version. Without them, caravans must be managed manually each turn.
More of the territory is explored eventually and new cities are found to trade with.
In this city, you can sell tools and weapons for immense profit (8 gold coins is the maximum price possible).
And this city is in demand of meat. You cannot sell more units of trade goods than are demanded, but there will be more demand next turn.
Positioning your warehouses strategically is key to successful trade.
A caravan stops as a warehouse to load and unload goods.
A brief summary of your company's accomplishments at the end of the game.
End-game score screen.
Apparently Atlas got bored of all the trading business... (shareware version). he packs his belongings and sails off to some exciting adventure (probably).