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Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness (Special Edition) DOS Title screen


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Written by  :  Scott Monster (1009)
Written on  :  Jun 13, 2005
Rating  :  3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars

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Unintentionally Funny.

The Good

The theme is fairly simple. You wander through hallways, stopped by Cyberliars. The Cyberliars pose lies that you must counter with your stored biblical quotes. If you fail to match the quote to the lie, you get zapped.

But you have any biblical quotes stored. So you must find them and store in your electronic bible. You find a few and start beating the Cyberliars. When you do, unlock chamber doors and you find more quotes.

Once you've posed a suitable quote to match the cyberliar's lie, you engage him in a combat that is turn based. You wait for the Cyberliar to get unlucky and you slay it.

You have access to prayer chambers that let you restore your "faith." You can also collect weapons if you have the correct quotes stored in your bible. Its challenging to match the quotes with the lies/queries.

The game gives you the ability to select to use any of an assortment of Bibles, including KJ, NV, and others.

The Bad

The repetitive midi music. Geez. The harp theme in the hallway... The weird rock guitar theme during the Cyberliar battles. I did like the mellow theme in the prayer chambers.

The hallway zappers are strewn through out the game. You have to wait until they are done with their pulse cycle and walk through them. This was a tacked to give the game more of a challenge. phhhttt.....

Getting struck by the hallway zapper is actually quite funny. Your hero is loudly slapped on the fanny and yells ouch! He does this spinning dance that is quite amusing. "Smack!" "Ouch!"

Most annoying was the lack of explanation as to why some quotes countered some lies. A biblical scholar would probably have a much easier time with this game than I.

The Bottom Line

Its obvious that the creators of the game cared a lot about the subject matter.

I feel guilty for laughing so hard at it, but I can't help myself.