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atari missile command

Carmageddon Credits

106 people (101 developers, 5 thanks)


Arcade DirectorAlan Pavlish
ProducerMark Teal
Line ProducersDerek Bullard, Fred Corchero Jr.
Manual Design and LayoutCraig Owens
Marketing ManagerMike Markin
PR ManagerJulia Roether
Director of QAChad Allison
Assistant Director of QAColin Totman
IS TechnicianBill Delk
Lead TesterMarvic Ambata
Temp WardenAnthony Taylor
TestersLawrence Smith, Scot Humphreys, Stephan Reed, Frank Wesolek, Arlen Nydam, Evan Chantland, Cory Nelson, Richard Barker, Steve Victory, Charles Crail, Stephen Bokkes, Amy Mitchell, Kaycee Vardeman, Steve McLafferty, Darrell Jones, Erick Lujan, Timothy Anderson, Joshua Walters, Christopher Jones, Greg Baumeister, Shanna San Paolo, Edward Hyland, Douglas W. Avery, Douglas Finch, Jeremy Ray, Amy Lyn Presnell, Donnie Cornwell, Chris Franke, Louie Iturzaeta
Director of CompatibilityPhuong Nguyen
TechniciansAaron Olaiz, Marc Duran, Dan Forsyth, Jack Parker, Derek Gibbs
Customer Service ManagerHilleri Abel
Customer ServiceKori Rosencranz, Erin Smith, Becky Bryan, Yasmin Vazquez
Technical SupportHilleri Abel, Matthew Byrne, Mark Linn, Rafael López, Rick Sanford, Paul Dew, Alton Tuttle, Rusty Treadway, Brian Quilter, Brennan Easlick, Tom Gardner, Gunnar Christensen, Jennifer Purcaro

Stainless Software

Game DesignNeil Barnden, Patrick Buckland
ConceptNeil Barnden, Patrick Buckland
Lead ProgrammerPatrick Buckland
ProgrammersMatthew Edmunds, Bruce Mardle, Kevin Martin
Car physicsKevin Martin
Sound ProgrammingColin McGinley
Lead ArtistNeil Barnden
3D ModellingShaun Smith
2D Art and TexturingTerry Lane, Russell Hughes, Cameron Kerr, Alan Thomas
Sound Acquisition and ProcessingNeil Barnden, Patrick Buckland
BizBen Webster
Idiot Stunt ManTony
Prat-cam starsFaye Morey
Female VocalsLianne Shaughnessy
Engine sound acquisitionIan Gear
Lard providerFat Bloke


3rd Party Development ManagerAdrian Curry
Technical Development ManagerJohn Chasey
Creative Development ManagerFergus McNeill
Senior ArtistRobert Plested
Sound DesignRuss Dunham, Paul Zimmer
Music byFear Factory, Lee Groves
Helpful BlokeNiall Fraser
Lead TesterJustin Wateridge
Test ManagerBen Gunstone
Test EngineersMarc Titheridge, Andy O'Dowd, Mike Tucker, Chris Lipscombe, The First Floor Artists
Fat Bloke's PASarah Lloyd
Network SupportWarren Humphreys
AdministrationChantal Havard, Karen Bradford
Special thanks toNigel Puxley (Keston Management Limited), Matt Norris (Push Recordings Limited), Ben Stevenson (for additional voice over), Roadster Music B.V., Everyone at SCi Ltd.

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Credits for this game were contributed by robotriot (9068), bob spink (68), ZombieApocalypseGames (2184) and formercontrib (158029)

atari missile command