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Carmageddon Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Choose your driver
Loading screen
Starting a race (VGA)
Pretty and dangerous.
Torn in pieces.
He escapes, unfortunately.
Done front and behind.
Car selection screen.
Always look both sides before you cross.
Missed my target.
Hilarious expression #1.
Hilarious expression #2.
Hilarious expression #3.
Hilarious expression #4.
Bloody tire marks for extra detail.
You're rewarded for gory moves.
Thankfully there is a repair button.
Cought in the middle of it.
A little too happy.
Instant handbrake.
Not enough meat for everyone.
Just one of those flights across the town.
Treehugger act, a spontaneous one.
Hoppy-ho - here goes the oh-so-merry Lumberer!
Red beast in action. Neither too tough, nor too fast - but stubborn like all hells combined.
Just one of those friendly hugs.
Roads are for weaklings.
rock your socks i will
Instead of a road - a sewer, instead of a steering wheel - a joystick...
Almost like a plane, indeed.
Such an incredible amount of style in such a little beast.
When faced with this police six-wheeler, resistance does seem to be futile...
...and amphibiousness is its second nature.
Cops, cops, cops again.
...wherever the road may guide me.
Upside down? Who cares!
Cunning stunt bonus
A little crash
moment of silence and "usual" race. No pedestrian, opponent is far...
Go to checkpoint
Second before make blood fountain
Bonus for artistic impression
Run, but you can't escape.