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Written by  :  Afex Tween (173)
Written on  :  Feb 05, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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The first and the best in the series

The Good

Released in 1991, the game still looks fine. Written by Corey Cole (famous for his QUEST FOR GLORY series), it has a nice graphics and music, exellent puzzles plus great educational value. The game even have a plot: you have to pass all the trials that you found in the deadly rooms of Dr. Brains' castle in order to become his apprentice (boooo!). The puzzles are very challeging - mind, word, mathematics, programming, spcace puzzles and much more. Most of the puzzles are quite traditional (like building a picture from pieces, or finding hidden words), but some of them are very original and entertaining (like the one in the clock room or navigating a robot). The educational part is very well integrating in the puzzles - by navigating a robot, for example, people found out what the programming is look like. Also there are three levels of difficulty, which you can change during the game, so that the game looks interesting not only for children (whith all that educatement), but for hardcore puzzle masters as well. There is also a HINT button to every puzzle, so you can get help anytime you're stuck on the puzzle.

The Bad

Well, the maze, that appears everytime you're going to the next level (in fact, three of them) might get irritating, though it is rather short. Also the game could be somehow longer, like its sequel, THE ISLAND OF DR. BRAIN.

The Bottom Line

Despite for a few minuces, an exellent game, that has a great puzzle-solving and educational value. It even has some live video, used in the credits :) So, if you're looking for a challeging and original puzzle game, you should try this one - you won't be disappointed!