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Written by  :  Tiamat (18)
Written on  :  Apr 17, 2003
Platform  :  DOS
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An excellent way to spend the afternoon.

The Good

Relaxing and stimulating entertainment. The complete opposite of mindless entertainment because if you switch your brain off, I doubt you'll get very far. Every room is a completely different puzzle or riddle, personal favourites of mine being the robot room and the galactic room towards the end. The graphics have aged well, with every room drawn beautifully, without striving to dazzle us with what would now be dated psuedo 3d effects or light shows. Each room in the unusual castle is a world to itself. Accompanied by a great soundtrack makes this for a rainy saturdays activity (or rainy weekend depending on the difficulty level and your level of brain power.)

The Bad

Too short! But I guess that too many rooms would get repetitive unless Sierra would really be capable of keeping each room unique and surprising. Other than that, the game is relatively straightforward and doesn't really lay down any expectations as long as you know what kind of game you're in for. In other words I think this would appeal to a select audience. It may be too easy for some, but at least they could still appreciate Sierras venture into a different genre.

The Bottom Line

An exploration of a surreal castle, where each chamber is a dreamlike riddle, with great visuals and great puzzles. No action, no guns or anyway of dying in fact. In short, a literal thinking mans game.